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If you are having problems finding your parts on our site
we would be glad to walk you through this procedure.

Because we are selling at a huge discount
we do not take orders over the phone

To streamline the process if we do look up your
part number we will ask you to connect to
our Parts Number Look Up and add it to
the shopping cart where you can add in
your shipping and credit card information.

Call 1st Subaru Parts Toll Free at: 877-313-4139

NEW:  If you called the Toll Free number and were unable to reach us, please call my direct line and ask for Brian B: Internet at
360-943-2120 ext 137



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See What a Customer Had to Say:
You guys destroyed my local Subaru dealership prices.  I bought a 08 WRX and they wouldn't even price compete. Their excuse was " there isnt any money in Subaru ie SPT parts.  What a freaking weak excuse!!!    Outstanding!!! Thanks 1stSubaru!!!